Seafood have been irreplaceable option on a traditional Thai meal table. Immerse yourself in different way of preparation, all satisfying delicious in their own unique way


Fish dishes are always our patron’s favourite because we ensure the highest quality of ingredients and prepare them in the most Thai’s way

Cooking Method

Steam Homemade Soysauce, BBQ, Thai Style Bo-lan fried


Spice up your meal with crabs, with junky and juicy meats inside that shell

Cooking Method

BBQ, Curry Powder, Butte, Steam


Sotong widely used in tom yum soup or grilled in traditional Thai BBQ

Cooking Method

Salted Egg, Sambal Belacan, Fried with Chilli White Garlic


Freshly acquired from fresh wet market daily

Cooking Method

Fried Chilli Sauce, Fried Taucu Sauce, Thai Steamed with Lime Sauce