h Vegfishfarm FOUNDED IN 2006 Nestled on a pond surrounded by the forest, Veg Fish Farm Thai restaurant has been around for more than 13 years and had cater to customers all around the neighbourhood


11am – 11.30pm


016-3986 493


Authentic Thai

Step into a world of authentic Thai cuisine and delicacies that will leave you wanting for more. From our mouth-watering spicy tom-yum soup to the selection of freshest seafood, welcome to the heart of fantastic Thai food, in the lush cooling forest setting.

We Grow Our Own Vegetables

Vegetables are grown in our vegetable garden, guaranteed to be safe and pesticle-free.

Our vegetables are watered directly with natural mountain spring water. With natural and rich nourishment, our vegetables are wonderfully fresher & lively in colour


Tom Yum Soup | Authentic

One of the most well-known dish in Thai’s cuisine, comes with two style Red or White, commonly served with seafood, prawns, squids, coupled with steam white rice

Crab | Satisfying

Choose from options such as traditional Thai BBQ, Butter, or Steam style, crabs are always one of the must-have on the table for best Thai cuisine experience

Dessert | Delightful

There is always room for dessert, and Thai traditional desserts are just unique in their way. Perfect choice to seal the meal with little sweetness.



Nestled on a pond surrounded by the forest, we have been graciously serving patrons with authentic Thai cuisine for more than 13 years.