Thai cuisine desserts are another highlights of the extensive realm of Thai dishes. Be it traditional or mixture with local style, Thai desserts are always one of our patrons’ favourite

Mango Sticky Rice

Unarguably the most popular dessert in Thailand. Chilled mangos are sliced fresh before put over steaming sticky rice, finally is then drenched in thick coconut milk


Local’s delight dessert widely loved by all ages and races. Sweet, layered, ice dessert with cendol jellies drenched in coconut milk and Gula Melaka

Luk Chup

Luk Chup was once served only for royalty. Mung beans, coconut milk and sugar molded into fruit or vegetable shapes for appearance boost. Fun to eat!

Steam Tapioca

Tapioca are prepared delicately and steamed until soft. Coconut milk is then poured on the steaming hot tapioca. Best served piping hot!